Be Easy To Buy From – I’ll Drink To That!

14Nov Be Easy To Buy From – I’ll Drink To That!

Finding ways to improve the customer experience is a something that 3D Businesses do consistently. A key way of differentiating themselves from their competitors is making the whole thing simpler and easier for the customer – it’s all about ‘convenience’!

That can be anything from answering the phones promptly (and the person answering it knows what they’re talking about!), improving processes to eliminate time wasting processes and ‘speed things up’ through to sophisticated AI technology that creates automated personalised responses.

I came across a great innovative example last weekend of ‘Being Easy To Buy From’…. and it involved drinking beer at a football match!

I went to watch the mighty Sheffield United (5th in The Premier League!) play Spurs at their very impressive new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last weekend.  To make things easier for their 62,000 customers they have clearly designed things to run smoother on match day, and this was evident from the arriving at the ground with easy to use urinals on the streets outside the ground! They were definitely convenient ‘conveniences’!

Once we were in the ground, I was expecting usual pain of buying drinks at a football match which is is often a stressful experience – long queues with lots of people trying to get a pint in a relatively short time period all at once. Spurs had a wonderful device that took that pain away and sped things up massively – my pint pots were filled from the bottom….. very quickly! I ordered my beers and the bar tender simply put the empty glasses on a base and through the wonder of magnets, fluid mechanics and innovative technology, they filled up!

Just watch the video below to see them in action:

They have definitely ‘raised the bar’ – Quick, easy, convenient and completely Dramatically and Demonstrably Different‘!

Some questions for you….

  • How easy are you to buy from and deal with?
  • Where could you improve the customer experience by making things easier for your customers?
  • Why not ‘Stand In Your Own Queues’ and see how you measure up?

You can download our FREE ‘Stand In Your Own Queues’ toolkit simply by CLICKING HERE.

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