Andy’s 3D Thoughts 1st September

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Here are this week’s 3D Thoughts and, as ever, it’s 3 iDeas in around 3 minutes to help you improve your business competitiveness. This week’s iDeas include how NOT to respond to a customer complaint, a new way of charging your customers and the power of saying ‘Thank You’! As ever, there’s no need to download anything!...

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Automated Customer Service Responses – How NOT To Do It!

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United Airlines Automatic Response

Not receiving a reply to a customer complaint is irritating to say the least. Receiving an ‘automated response’ is just as annoying – you often get them via email and telephone, and it makes you feel that they don’t really care. What we want as customers is a personalised response to our issue and one that...

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#SHAVEMESIR! A Dramatically And Demonstrably Different Way To Pay!

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Twitter cashtill

Fancy paying for your goods with ‘Tweets’? Well, that’s what you can do at London’s first social media barber’s pop-up shop! This collaboration between online retailer and Marylebone-based Gentlemen’s grooming room Man Made London will allow customers to pay for a shave or beard trim with social media mentions! So, if you fancy a trim,...

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7 Ideas To Make ‘Thank You’ Work In Your Business

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Thank you

Do you want to improve productivity and loyalty in your business? Well, start saying ‘Thank You’! A new report from One4all Rewards says that business leaders who say ‘Thank you’ have more motivated staff, higher rates of staff retention, find it easier to recruit and have better reputations. It might seem very obvious stuff, but it’s clear that...

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Andy’s 3D Thoughts 26th August

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Here are this week’s 3D Thoughts and they’re a little bit different this week! Instead of your usual 3 iDeas, there are actually 5 iDeas this week and they’re all linked to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Yes, we present 5 Observations For Business from the Ice Bucket Challenge, and no, don’t worry, you don’t...

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – 5 Observations For Businesses!

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ALS Anthony

What have Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, David Beckham and me got in common? Well, we and millions of others have taken part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! If ever there was an illustration of the ‘power of the internet’, the incredibly ‘connected world’ we’re in, and the speed that things can move around it then this has to...

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Customer Loyalty Is In Decline! It’s Poor Customer Service – Deal With It!

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Unhappy Customers 2

Customers are getting less loyal! That’s the news from a new report from KANA Software which says that 30% of UK customers have become less loyal to retail brands over the past 5 years. the reason? Yes, you’ve guessed it….poor customer service! It’s the way that their complaints are dealt with that’s the key frustration and reason for...

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Andy’s 3D Thoughts 18th August

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Here are this week’s 3D Thoughts! As ever, it’s 3 iDeas in around 3 minutes to help you improve your business competitiveness! This week’s include ideas on how not to give great customer service, some enlightening statistics about the online business world we’re all in, and some words of wisdom from Robin Williams! There’s no need...

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50 Pence For Customer Service At EE – That’s An Expensive Experience!

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50 pence

Fancy jumping the customer service queue at EE? Well, you can – it will only cost you 50p! Yes, the UK’s biggest mobile telephone company wants its customers to pay extra to get priority customer service via it’s new Priority Answer initiative. It’s actually charging customers for dealing with their queries! Customers are asked whether they are...

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Robin Williams RIP

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  “You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it”   Very very sad news – a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different actor, comedian and man. Bookmarks:

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