Bowled Over! A ‘Super’ Example Of Customer Delight!

31Jan Bowled Over! A ‘Super’ Example Of Customer Delight!

Responding to customer requests can be a great way of creating customer delight. Doing it speedily and personally can be even better! Here’s a great story about Derrick Coleman, who is due to play in this Sunday’s Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks. Derrick is the first NFL legally deaf player and uses a hearing aid during games.

He recently made headlines for starring in a touching Duracell ad, which highlighted the obstacles he had to overcome to play in the NFL.

Two of his biggest fans are twin 9 year old sisters Riley and Aaron Kovalcik who are also deaf and use hearing aids too. They were so inspired, they wrote to Derrick wishing him good luck, explaining how he inspired them and encouraging to ‘do his best’!  Their dad tweeted their letter…..

Seahawks Letter

Wonderfully, Derrick then responded with his own personalised letter to the girls saying “Even though we wear hearing aids, we can still accomplish our goals and dreams”

Seahawks Reply

It’s a great example of a genuine personalised customer experience, and demonstrates all 6 things our research has identified as ingredients of customer delight….

  • It produces a wow reaction!
  • It appears spontaneous or unexpected!
  • It’s the personal touch!
  • It makes the customer feel valued!
  • It’s genuine… and…
  • It creates a ‘talking point’!

And it didn’t end there! Derrick surprised the girls on TV and then went even further and presented them with family tickets for this weekend’s Super Bowl in New York.

You can watch that here… (be warned – get your handkerchief out!)

So, to conclude – Here are some questions for you to  consider. When it comes to your customers….

  • How good are you and your people at ‘responding’ to customer requests and enquiries? 
  • How good are you at ‘personalising’ those customer experiences?
  • How do you encourage and ensure your people do it consistently and genuinely?

For a more in-depth insight of Customer Delight, you may want to download my free e-book Customer Delight As Competitive Advantage – 44 pages to help you make this stuff work in your business. You can read it at half time when Bruno Mars provides the ‘entertainment’!

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