KeyMe – A 3D Approach That’s Key To Success!

06Jan KeyMe – A 3D Approach That’s Key To Success!

KeyMeHave you ever lost your house keys, struggled to find the right key for your bike lock or been stuck outside your office? Well, if it happens again, here’s an innovative solution that really is 3D… literally!

KeyMe ( is a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different‘ business that lets you 3D print your keys and have them delivered to you almost immediately! Using a digital copy of the key stored in KeyMe’s cloud, customers can order keys online via a specially designed app and have them delivered to wherever they are within 30 to 60 minutes!

As well as the app, they also have kiosks that make them easy to use – In New York, they have key cutting kiosks in 7-Eleven and Bed Bath & Beyond stores which you can access via fingerprint identification. You can also take the app into certain locksmiths and they’ll create a key for you by following specific instructions

I think this is a great example of establishing a ‘Dramatic Difference’ by identifying and solving a problem – We call it problem seeking, problem solving. The KeyMe guys have identified a problem and come up with a practical and cost effective solution. This innovative start up business have teamed up with a 3D printing business called Shapeways to provide a plastic key that only costs $10!

What ‘problems’ do your customers, some of your customers, or someone else’s customers have that you could provide a solution for?


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