Customer Delight For Me – Third Time Lucky!

13Dec Customer Delight For Me – Third Time Lucky!

Some Like It HotCustomer Delight is something that I bang on about a lot in my blogs, seminars and conference presentations, and I’m always looking for examples of that I can use. This week has already seen me blogging about two of them…. the amazing story of WestJet’s epic efforts to delight 250 customers and the lovely story of compassion from Compassion which was very touching.

Well, to end the week, here’s a third example – and this time, it wasn’t told to me, it was DONE to me!

I blogged a couple of week’s ago about the client who told us a great story about how she got in front of a prospect that she’d been trying to contact for ages by sending a DVD of Blazing Saddles because he’d mentioned in a local newspaper feature it was his favourite film. I happened to mention that my favourite film was ‘Some Like It Hot’.

This morning, at a session we were running for local business leaders and entrepreneurs, I was given a little parcel by my friend, client and supplier Andrew Seaton of Resolve IT Solutions. I didn’t get chance to open it immediately and it was only when I got back to my office and I opened it. There, smiling at me was Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon on the front of the Some Like It Hot DVD!

Wow! I was touched – a lovely personalised customer experience from some lovely people!

So, that’s two bits of good news to end the week……

1. This ‘customer delight’ stuff works!

2. I’ve got a great film to watch this weekend!

A ‘delightful’ end to the week – thanks Andrew and the Resolve IT team!

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