Dare To Be Tender With Your Customers!

01Sep Dare To Be Tender With Your Customers!

Milka last pieceGiving someone your last piece of chocolate is obviously a sign that you really care for them (or that you’ve eaten a whole bar, and are feeling a little ‘full’!) and that’s the premise of an innovate approach of engaging with their French customers from Milka!

They are challenging their customers to ‘Osez Le Tendresse’ which for you non-French speakers is ‘Dare To Be Tender’ by donating their last piece of chocolate to a friend!

They’ve produced special bars with a piece missing and customers can go on a dedicated website and organise their last piece to be sent to someone specific with a little personalised message. The less generous (or the ones with no friends!) do have the option of claiming it themselves too!

I think it’s a nice innovative approach  to ‘Creating Dialogue, Not Diatribes’ with customers (An ingredient of 3D Characteristic #4 Forget CRM, Think MCR! Maximise Customer Relationships).


  • Engages their customers
  • Lets them get their personal details (useful for future ‘dialogue’!)
  • Creates a bond and gets customers closer to them
  • Helps customers feel part of something….. and crucially
  • Creates referrals!

They’ve producing over 10 million of these chocolate bars and have had to completely alter their manufacturing process to do it! Now, THAT’s Dramatically Different! You can find out more about it in this short video….


  • Hya Gatdula
    Posted at 05:22h, 03 September Reply

    This is great, Andy. Keep it up!

  • Andy Hanselman
    Posted at 06:57h, 03 September Reply

    Thanks for that Hya!


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