Look Into My Eyes, My Eyes, Not Around The Eyes, Look Into My Eyes!

20Apr Look Into My Eyes, My Eyes, Not Around The Eyes, Look Into My Eyes!

Although we’re in the ‘digital age’, when it comes to customer service, many of us in business still want to deal ‘face to face’ with others, particularly in the financial services sector! According to a new report from Bibby Financial Services, 76% of business owners prefer to deal ‘face to face’ when it comes to discussing financial matters with an independent financial adviser, accountant or bank manager.

Although one in four of the UK businesses surveyed said they use the internet to look for financial information, the vast majority (76%) said they would prefer the ‘face to face’ experience.

Interestingly, things do vary by region. Here in Yorkshire, almost half (49%) of business owners said they would prefer to look online for support than meet with the local business adviser, whereas in Wales 79% and in Scotland 69% said they seek out their accountant or business bank account manager when looking for solid financial advice, rather than relying on the internet for information.

I’m not sure whether that means that we’re more ‘switched on’ to the digital world here in Yorkshire or it says something about the state (and look!) of our local financial advisors!!

What it does mean is that in providing a great customer experience it’s clear it requires a ‘mix’ of approaches and the most customer focused businesses are those that adapt that ‘mix’ to the needs of their customers. Yes, ‘face to face’ requires more time, resource and effort, but if that’s what customers want, and it makes commercial sense to you, then what are you doing to proactively build on this.

It’s evident that in many cases, people still buy from people they like and trust, and that’s what helps create a ‘Dramatic Difference’ – Are you maximising your people to build and reinforce your your ‘Dramatic Difference’!

So, go on…. ‘get out there’ and meet them! (Provided you’re not an ugly looking financial expert in Yorkshire!)

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