Putting On The Ritz!

06Nov Putting On The Ritz!

ritz_carlton_logoRitz-Carlton Hotels have a worldwide reputation for amazing customer service. I also quote the fact that any member of staff is allowed to spend up to $2000 to solve a guest’s problem without having to get ‘permission’ from a manager. I was wrong!

Staff are allowed to spend up to $2000 without having to get permission to create an outstanding experience! And they are encoraged to do that! Now THAT is impressive!

Here’s a nice interview with Ritz-Carlton President Simon F Cooper on how they run the business and get their people to create such outstanding experiences.

There’s some nice practical stuff there that we all could use in form or another. It’s about encouraging and ’empowering’ staff to go the extra mile for customers.

What’s the reward for those in your business who go the ‘extra mile’ for customers? In far too many organisations, the ‘reward’ is more work!


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