Curry’s Are Hot!

28Jul Curry’s Are Hot!

You may have heard me tell the story of the young lad who tried to serve me in a high street electrical retailer a few years ago when I was looking at DVD recorders.

Confused by the wide range of products on offer, pointing to two different, but similarly looking models, I said “That one’s six hundred and fifty quid, and that one’s only one hundred quid. What’s the difference between the two ?”  In a flash, he replied “Er… about five hundred and fifty quid” !  He’s what we call the Sales Prevention Officer – not necessarily his fault, but there you go.

As a result, I often walk into similar stores with trepidation and to be honest did so in Currys at the Metro Centre in Tyneside. I was interested in a new TV, but needed a lesson on the latest technologies and models before I made my purchase. The guy who looked after me, Dave, was outstanding – interested in me, knowledgeable, patient, and not ‘pushy’. He ‘educated’ and genuinely helped me decide on what to buy- a real ‘Sales Creation Officer’.

I’ve now made a habit of going out to my way to formally ‘praise’ outstanding members of staff, often on the company’s official websites (unfortunately, I often find myself following the ‘customer complaints’ procedure to do so – maybe they don’t expect ‘praises’!). The responses haven’t always matched the initial ‘experience – see X Wires!

Anyway, after emailing Curry’s with my comments their response was quick, pleasant and ‘personal’:

Dear Mr Hanselman,Thank you for your email dated 27th July 2009.  This has been forwarded to the Group Retail Director, Keith Jones, who has asked that I respond on his behalf.I was delighted to read your comments regarding the excellent service provided by Dave at the Metro Centre branch.

A copy of your letter has been sent to the General Manager of the store, who will ensure that Dave receives the recognition due.  It is always pleasing to receive such positive feedback and I thank you for taking the time and trouble to write to us.

Kind regards,

Jennie Chapman 

I’m a ‘Delighted’ Customer and I haven’t spent any money yet!

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