Why Me?

I know there are lots of speakers out there, and you’ve got a huge choice, so why would you choose me?

Well, here are the top 6 Reasons our clients tell us they do….



Reason 1. Business Knowledge and Expertise


I’ve spent over 25 years doing this stuff (can you see the bags!) and absolutely love researching, working with, learning from, and speaking about successful businesses, their leaders and their people. This has culminated in a book! It’s called Think In 3D – 7 Characteristics of 3D Businesses’ and no, it’s not the latest ‘fad’ or hyped ‘panacea’ for business success, but a transferable model of  7 common things that successful winning businesses do to get ahead, and stay ahead of their competitors.


Reason 2. A Tailored Message For Your Audience


I’m no ‘one speech wonder’ and tailor my presentation to the key challenges the audience faces – it’s definitely not ‘one speech fits all’. You share with me the issues and I’ll develop and deliver something that ‘hits the spot’! No two presentations are the same!


Reason 3. Stimulation


My style is participative, fast paced, with a bit of humour thrown in too. I thrive on interacting with people ensuring  they are challenged, stimulated and motivated.

Homer Simpson

Reason 4. Practical Stuff People Can Use


I’ll work hard to offer your audience practical, stimulating fresh ideas, tools and techniques that provide no-nonsense ‘stuff’ they can actually use in their businesses immediately. By de-mystifying the jargon and blowing away the ‘buzzwords’, clients tell us they like my pragmatic approach, my stories and my real examples that bring this stuff to life.


Reason 5. Challenged, Motivated, And ‘Fired Up’ People


It’s not just about making people ‘feel good’, or ‘being motivated’, but it’s about being able to do stuff as a result! As well as ‘firing people up’ I provide them with proven tools and techniques to make it happen!

Fired Up People

Reason 6. A Bit Of Fun!


People tell us they like my ‘down to earth’ pragmatic approach and sense of humour! No ‘one liners’ or ‘rude jokes’, but practical ‘real life’ stories that illustrate the key learning lessons – stuff people can relate to and do something with!

Crowd Close

“We have had the pleasure of working with Andy at several of our Management conferences now. He is an enthusiastic and riveting speaker and has certainly inspired many of our people over the years. His honest, fun and energetic approach to key note speaking is refreshing and engaging. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy to anyone that is looking to bring some serious energy to their event”

 Maggie Pavlou, HR Director, Parkdean Holidays