What Andy Speaks About….

It’s about MARKETING, it’s about CUSTOMER SERVICE, it’s about INNOVATION, and it’s about the LEADERSHIP and CULTURE needed to make it happen!   

No ‘magical answers’ or any of that ‘Do these 63 things….’ stuff, but real insights  into 3Businesses – what they do and how they do it! It’s about helping your business and your people get ahead, and stay ahead, of your competitors.

Here are the top 10 topics and themes I am asked to deliver……..

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AH Tedx1. Create Customer Delight!

Crowd Sitting 2

2. Think In 3D!

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3. Culture As Competitive Advantage!

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4. The 7 Characteristics Of 3D Businesses


5. Maximising Leadership Performance!

Andy Question Mark

6. Making Marketing Work

Andy Hanselman talking

7. Forget CRM, Think MCR! Maximise Your Customer Relationships

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8. Make Innovation Work – No ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ Required

Housing Summit

9. It’s All About The People, Stupid!

It’s often a combination of these things (and other things too!)

I tailor all my presentations to suit the audience in terms of their roles in the business, their mix and the issues and challenges they face!


10. Show Me The Money! Revolutionise Your Bottom Line

You tell me what those issues and challenges are and I’ll deliver!!!

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