Training and Development

From half day workshops for front line staff through to Learnfully integrated six days over six months leadership development programmes for senior business leaders, we run practical, interactive and results focused training and development workshops.

Whichever route we take, the aim is to address and deal with the issues that are key to the business’s success.

Typical areas that we deliver training sessions include:



– Leadership


– Maximising personal effectiveness


– People management


– Marketing


– Customer relationship management


– Sales skills


– Customer service


– Innovation


– Maximising customer relationships 


– Team performance

Examples have included


  • ‘Maximising Sales Effectiveness’ – A series of two day selling skills training programmes for a fast growing IT provider which worked with individual sales teams to help them develop the skills appropriate to each team
  • ‘Creating Delighted and Devoted Customers!’ – 10 half day sessions for all customer facing and front line staff of a professional services business aimed at developing the customer care skills of its people
  • ‘Maximising Our Profitability’ – a one day workshop for department heads and managers helping them develop a stronger profit focus – not a lesson in ‘finance’, but a proactive approach to reducing waste, improving efficiency and effectiveness and maximising opportunities.
  • ‘Leadership For Results!’ – A one day workshop for departmental and team leaders of an insurance business exploring the role of leader and helping them maximise their own and their team’s performance.