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18 Aug ‘Disaffected’ Dave Does It Again!

He's done it again!. Here's Disaffected customer Dave Carroll's second song about United Airlines. This is going to run and run! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-UoERHaSQg[/youtube] Just in case you missed the first one - here is Dave's first song that's had nearly 5 million hits on You Tube!...

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30 Jul Online? Offline? Same Old Issue

According to a recent survey, poor online customer service will drive 94% of consumers to stop using the retailer's web site or prompt them to seek out a competitor. More than 90% of UK Internet users said customer service is important when making purchases online....

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27 Jul ‘Disaffected’ Customers Sing Louder!

[youtube][/youtube] I've been desperate to get this up - it's a great example of the 'disaffected' customer doing something way beyond anything that a letter to the complaints department can do. Canadian singer Dave Carroll spent over 9 months being passed from department to department after he...

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