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03 Aug Twitter – The Whitehall Way!

Apparently Whitehall has produced guidelines for civil servants on using Twitter - you know, the communication tool known for its brevity - only 140 characters per message. Guess what? The guide was 20 pages long! I  love that - it was 5,382 words! I think the...

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08 Apr No Time To Twitter?

[youtube][/youtube] Communicating and engaging with customers in this 'no time for anything' world is getting more and more difficult. People don't have time to write letters, compose emails and some are even struggling to find time to 'Twitter'.  I like to help businesses 'stay ahead of the...

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12 Mar When 2 Tribes Go To Work

Business 'tribalisation' is just one of the buzz words flying around at the moment. I mentioned Seth Godin's latest book 'Tribes' last month and it's well worth a read. The basic concept is centred around groups of 'like minded' or common interest groups linked by 'online' communities and /...

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