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29 Apr Creating Customer Delight? A Great Example From Southwest Airlines!

Delivering remarkable customer experiences is a fundamental characteristic of successful businesses. How do they do it? Well a key factor is certainly centred around engaging, empowering and enabling their front line people to make it happen!  It's something I talk about and encourage in my seminars and conference speeches and one of...

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16 Dec This Time It’s Personal – Well, It Should Be!

A personalised customer service experience is a key factor success in 'remarkable' businesses, but it doesn't happen very often! Only 4% of UK consumers feel treated as an individual when contacting their service providers including banks, telephone companies, utility providers and retailers, despite almost half of these companies...

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06 Nov Putting On The Ritz!

Ritz-Carlton Hotels have a worldwide reputation for amazing customer service. I also quote the fact that any member of staff is allowed to spend up to $2000 to solve a guest's problem without having to get 'permission' from a manager. I was wrong! Staff are allowed...

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