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07 Oct Andy’s 3D Thoughts 7th October

Customer Delight from Pret A Manger and Employee Delight from Martek Marine are just 2 of the 3D iDeas in this week's 3D Thoughts. There's also news of a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach to improving your customer experience when flying with Japan Airlines.    All you need to do...

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20 May Andy’s 3D Thoughts 20th May

It's 'Good News' in this week's 3D iDeas with a couple of stories of entrepreneurs taking a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach to employee and customer delight. The news about Julian Richer donating his business to his employees has prompted some great lessons from this 3D entrepreneur; there's...

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13 May Andy’s 3D Thoughts 13th May

We're back! After a couple of week's rest, here are this week's 3D iDeas aimed at helping you improve your competitiveness by being Dramatically and Demonstrably Different in your approach. There's news about what employees of growing businesses think about their bosses, a lovely example of recognising...

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