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10 Oct Create Delighted And Devoted Customers By Being Servile! I Told You So!

The guys at Trendwatching have produced another excellent new report today which is well worth a read. It suggests that in this world of customers who are more demanding, time-starved, informed and choice-saturated than ever before. winning businesses are the ones who are differentiating themselves by...

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04 Dec MBA – Master of Blagging Andy’s Stuff?

Did you know that the Bulgarian for 'Customer Delight' is  "доволните" ? Or that in Italian, 'delight' is 'deliziati'?  How do I know? Well, my Slideshare presentation 'How To Create Devoted Customers' has been translated and used by others. I actually produced it a couple of years ago and...

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16 Oct Brand New World? Same Old Story

A great new survey of UK online customers carried out on behalf of Tealeaf Technology by Harris Interactive has revealed that some things never change. The key issues of customer service and customer experience are still critical when it comes to winning and keeping customers in...

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