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21 Jul Tim’s Place: Breakfast, Lunch And Hugs – Now THAT’s 3D!

A warm friendly, personalised welcome can be a great way of creating customer delight. Done properly means it can be a key source of competitive advantage. In fact, I recently highlighted research that shows that establishing it as an integral ingredient of the customer experience increases customer loyalty and retention. Here's a business that concentrates on...

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13 Mar You Fill Up My Senses! Total Customer Delight As A Sheffield United Fan!

It is with great pride that I offer my football team Sheffield United as an excellent example of customer delight who have provided a wonderfully personalised customer experience! As Sheffield United race towards promotion (again!!!!) it's time to start thinking about next season and renewing season tickets. They've...

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07 Dec Resolve Your Customer Problems, And Demonstrate Your Doing It!

Lots of businesses boast excellent customer service as a key ingredient of their 'Dramatic Difference' - When it works, can be a real diferentiator that creates significant competitive advantage. But how do they 'Demonstrate' that excellent customer service to new and potential customers who have never had the 'remarkable' customer experience? Well, obviously, their sales people will...

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