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13 Nov Andy’s 3D Thoughts 13th November

It's 3D Thoughts time and here are 3 iDeas to help you improve your competitiveness by being Dramatically and Demonstrably Different. There's some news about what customers want when it comes to maintaining and improving loyalty, introducing Glassdoor - a Trip Advisor for potential employees, and customer experience lessons from...

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31 Mar Andy’s 3D Thoughts 31st March

Hello There! Here are this week's 3D Thoughts! They're a bit Different this week. Rather than your usual 3 iDeas you've got an insight into 10 'D's Of Different Customers so you could argue you've got 10 iDeas for the price of 3! As ever, we kept it to around...

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08 May Don’t Get No Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is not the same as customer loyalty - too many businesses think it is. Let me explain: I buy a sandwich from a shop - the sandwich is ok, so I might go back. I might even tick the 'satisfied' box on the customer feedback card. That...

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