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02 Dec Amazon’s Prime Air Octocopter Raises Customer Expectations Sky High!

Customers today want things quicker, faster and many want it 'Now'!  It's one of the trends that I talk about in my presentations when it comes to rising customer expectations. We call it 'I Want What I Want, When I Want and How I Want It!'. Amazon's 1-Click and their Guaranteed...

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21 Aug You Too Can Learn From U2

I went to see U2 at Don Valley, Sheffield last night - what a brilliant performance! Bono and the boys put on a fantastic show for the 50,000 people who attended - a really magical evening. I know, you're saying 'Andy, I come on this...

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21 Jan Get Ready For ‘The Expectation Economy’

Increasing indifference and perpetual irritation of brands that don't perform is the lastest forecast from In their latest report, 'The Expectation Economy', they suggest: - Your competition could be anyone - Customer expectations are increasingly being set outside your industry - Just copying competitors is a race to...

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