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08 Aug Do You Have Customers From Hell?

'The customer is always right' is one of those oft quoted statements that  I totally disagree with. Of course, it's about customers, of course, it's about giving great service, and of course, it's about creating 'delighted' and 'devoted' customers. It's also about it making 'commercial...

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28 Jul Curry’s Are Hot!

You may have heard me tell the story of the young lad who tried to serve me in a high street electrical retailer a few years ago when I was looking at DVD recorders. Confused by the wide range of products on offer, pointing to two...

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26 Feb Hey, This Stuff Works!

I like to tell stories in my seminars - you know, examples of things that are good, bad and ugly to illustrate a particular point. When it comes to 'delighting' customers one of the stories I tell is about knowing how your visiting customers take...

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