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10 Apr Culture And Employee Engagement – HR Leaders Say It’s Priority Number 1!

Culture and employee engagement is the number one issue for the world's business and HR leaders! That's according to the latest Deloitte 2015 Global Capital Human Trends Report. The research, which involved more than 3300 business and HR leaders from over 100 countries, identifies 10 key trends and the report...

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15 Feb Get ‘Down And Dirty’ In Your Business With 50 ‘Aides Of Play’!

Do you ever find yourself getting 'tied down' in your business? Do you sometimes have to 'submit' to the day to day issues and find it difficult to 'penetrate' the bigger picture? Seeing the wood for the trees is a challenge for many business leaders, and...

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25 Aug The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – 5 Observations For Businesses!

What have Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, David Beckham and me got in common? Well, we and millions of others have taken part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! If ever there was an illustration of the 'power of the internet', the incredibly 'connected world' we're in, and the speed...

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