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20 Jan Customer Service And The Bottom Line – Businesses Fail To Connect!

82% of European companies believe that customer service is ‘very’ or ‘moderately’ important to their financial performance. According to a new report by BDO International, 60% of European companies admit that poor customer service has had a clear, significant impact on their financial performance! The report highlights that: 28% have...

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09 Mar Compared To What?

Just back from a wonderful week in Breckenridge, Colorado, and was consistently overwhelmed with the 'customer experience' in shops, restauants and other places we visited. You know, simple stuff like a smile, politeness, perhaps a conversation and an interest in me. These things made me a...

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21 Jan Get Ready For ‘The Expectation Economy’

Increasing indifference and perpetual irritation of brands that don't perform is the lastest forecast from In their latest report, 'The Expectation Economy', they suggest: - Your competition could be anyone - Customer expectations are increasingly being set outside your industry - Just copying competitors is a race to...

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