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04 Jun Amy’s Ice Creams Customer Experience – Now That’s Cool!

Creating 'remarkable' customer experiences can be a key ingredient of competitive advantage! By personalising the customer experience, making customers feel valued, and 'delighting' them it gets them telling other people! Here's an example of a business that has built this completely in to the way it looks after its...

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11 Aug Shaking Up The Burger World!

Imaging queueing for hours for a burger because they are that good? Well that's what's happening in New York! Shake Shack is a great chain of burger restaurants in the US who are completely 3D! They are without doubt Dramatically and Demonstrably Different in everything that they do!...

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03 Jun James Bond 003D?

They say that word of mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and that testimonials from customers can be a great way of reinforcing your brand. Here's a testimonial from the website of a local Personal Trainer that Jill met recently here in Sheffield called James...

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