Want To Get Some 3D Thinking In Your Business?

Here are some e-books, toolkits and templates to help you do it. They cover just some of the topics I typically speak about at seminars, conferences and events.

Please feel free to Download and Distribute them – and crucially, DO something with them!

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7 characteristics eBook

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The 7 Characteristics Of Dramatically and Demonstrably Different Businesses

How do 3D Businesses get ahead, and stay ahead of their competitors? This 24 page e-book highlights what they do and how they do it! Extracted from our latest book, it’s an introduction to the principles of 3D Thinking and helps you identify what it all means to you and your business. Importantly, it provides you with some practical ideas to get it working too! (Just click on the image to get it!)

Customer Delight As Competitive Advantage

3D Businesses have customers at their heart and strive to ‘delight’ their customers! Creating Delighted And Devoted Customers is Characteristic #3 of 3D Businesses – it’s all about exceeding their expectations and getting everyone in their business on – board to develop a proactive, focused approach to creating ‘remarkable’ customer experiences and doing it consistently!

This 45 page e-book introduces the 6 key ingredients of customer delight, along with lots of questions, ideas and examples (60 of them!) that you can use to develop your approach to customer delight – no ‘gimmicks’, ‘buy one, get 10 free’ offers or ‘have a nice day’ scripts, but practical ideas that you can make work in your business too!  (Just click on the image to get it!)

Create An UBER Culture!

‘Culture’ is often seen as the ‘soft’ side of business. The reality is it’s often the ‘hardest’! In 3D Businesses, ‘culture’ is an integral part of their ‘Dramatic Difference’. They don’t leave it to chance and work hard at establishing an UBER Culture – and it’s 3D Characteristic #5!

This eBook highlights how they do it! It’s all about putting your values at the heart of your business, it’s about getting Understanding about the behaviours expected to act in line with those values, it’s about Building systems and processes to support those behaviours, it’s about Engaging, Empowering and Enabling your people to act in line with  them and it’s about Rewarding and Recognising those who do!  (Just click on the image to get it!)

Stand In Your Own Queues Toolkit

The ‘Stand In Your Own Queues’ Toolkit!

3D Businesses are ‘easy to buy from’ and easy to deal with’ . They create seamless, personalised and welcoming customer experiences across the whole customer journey.

Unfortunately, blockages and barriers appear in the way we deal with our customers and because we’re all so busy, we often don’t spot them (our customers do, but they don’t always tell us!)

This is a simple practical checklist that we use in our seminars and programmes and helps you evaluate your customer contact points.

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The 10 ‘D’s Of Different Customers!

Our research shows that 3D Businesses have a real customer focus in everything they do – they also ensure that that focus is on the right customers – we call it ‘choose ‘em or lose ‘em’!

This latest e-book provides you with some simple templates to help you ’segment’ and target your customers and crucially, focus your efforts and resources on the right ones accordingly!

By painting pictures of 10 Different customer types, it’s an opportunity for you to take a bit of time out, evaluate and identify your customers and your approach to them. (Just click on the image to get it!)

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InnovatiON – How Does Your Business ‘Measure Up’?

Our definition of innovation is ‘the successful exploitation of new ideas’ – and our research shows that 3D Businesses have a passion and a drive to make innovation work for them – it’s all about ‘getting it on the agenda’, establishing effective systems and processes, creating a climate to support it and making the time to implement it.

The result is improvements in the areas that count that create real competitive advantage and helps them be Dramatically and Demonstrably Differentfrom their competitors. (Just click on the image to get it!)

Create Your Route Route To Profitability ToolkitTo Profitability

‘Turnover is Vanity and Profit is Sanity’!  3D Businesses focus on profit rather than chase turnover and they ensure that all their people have a real profit focus.

They recognise that there are a number of options they can take to maximise profitability and this toolkit will help you explore those options for your business (or your part of your business)

The result is improvements in the areas that count to restore, maintain or increase your profit margins and seriously improve your bottom line. (Just click on the image to get it!)

40 Brilliant Lessons From Our Visit To Zappos


Zappos is a truly 3D Businesses and they have customers at their heart in everything they do – that’s their culture!

We were lucky enough to visit them last year and they are a truly brilliant example of a business that have a created an UBER culture that creates real competitive advantage. This e-book introduces 40 lessons from our visit to Zappos on how they’ve done it and how you can learn from them and do it in your business too!

They are ideas that will help you create, develop, embed and live the culture you want to engage your people, ‘delight’ your customers and create impressive financial results too! (Just click on the image to get it!)