Andy’s Differentiation Keynotes:

In a world of crowded, fast moving and disruptive markets, a key challenge for any business is to get ahead, and crucially, stay ahead, of its competitors. Our research shows that the ones that do that take a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach, both internally, and externally, and proactively find ways to differentiate themselves 

Typical differentiation keynotes that Andy delivers include…


Differentiate Your Business By ‘Thinking in 3D!’

How ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’ businesses stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves from their competitors. In this keynote Andy highlights how 3D Businesses recognise that being only ‘better than’ is just not good enough in today’s competitive world, how they do things their competitors aren’t doing, even better can’t do, and how they stand out from the crowd and do things that get people talking. By providing real examples of how they do things that get customers talking about them, telling others and coming back for more, Andy helps your people identify the steps they need to take to get your business ahead of your competitors and gives them the motivation and the tools to do it!


Make Your Marketing Work!

In this keynote session Andy explores how winning 3D Businesses make their marketing work! By blowing away the ‘buzzwords’ and ‘myths’ of marketing (this is not about ‘advertising’ or ‘hype’) he will help your people take a serious look at their approach to finding, attracting and keeping the customers they want, and identify ways to do it better! This keynote introduces the principles of modern, effective marketing in today’s crowded, transparent fast moving markets, and vitally, provides real examples of 3D Businesses who are making it happen. He will ‘challenge’ your people to understand their role in differentiating your business.


Make Innovation Work!

In this keynote Andy will help your people get to grips with the key principles of innovation which he says is ‘the successful exploitation of new ideas’.  He will help your people explore the common barriers to ‘making it happen’ and vitally, how to overcome them in your business. He will highlight how 3D Businesses create a climate of creativity, innovation and competitiveness, how they get their people ‘on board’ and crucially how they ensure that it ‘delivers the goods’ in terms of tangible business improvements. By sharing proven techniques to make innovation work, he will help your people identify the areas to improve the way you run, and vitally, improve your business in the areas that count… competitiveness, performance and profitability.


Everyone Can ‘Think in 3D‘!

This fun, stimulating keynote helps your people improve their effectiveness and their performance and make a real impact in your business. By applying the principles of ‘3D Thinking’ to themselves, Andy encourages them to take a step back, look forward, ‘challenge the status quo’, question and challenge how they (and you) go about doing things. He helps them identify where they do have, and can have, the biggest impact, what’s holding them back and what they need to do make a difference in the areas that count in your business. As well as ‘firing them up’, he equips them with practical tools to make it happen.

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at our conference – it was the one that was talked about all evening – You definitely got everyone ‘doing something’!”

Annalese Bone, Hunters Estate Agents

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These are just examples. Andy tailors his keynotes to your audience and the challenges they face. If you are interested in any of , some or, or all of these topics then please….