Introducing CREAM….




An innovative collaborative approach to helping maximise the performance of the region’s young entrepreneurs, managers and staff to help them ‘Rise To The Top’!


CREAM is a unique combination of stimulating leadership development programmes, networking events, ideas sharing, on-line discussion, coaching and mentoring for local aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs.


It’s an opportunity for local established businesses to….

  • Make a real difference to the region’s economy… 

  • Develop their young managers and people…

  • Support young, ambitious and aspirational entrepreneurs…



This exciting initiative brings together local employers, support organisations and young entrepreneurs to help the region’s young managers and entrepreneurs grow themselves and their businesses, solve problems, share learning, create opportunities, build relationships, and maximise their potential and performance (and that of the region!)


What’s so unique about it? It’s the local established employers who fund it! By paying for their own managers to benefit, they pay for local entrepreneurs too – it’s all about ‘paying it forward’!

We’ve already run a number of successful initiatives for young managers and entrepreneurs and have had the support and involvement of forward thinking local organisations such as….

Begbies Nabarro    Bike Rehab  Santaner   WosskowJessica Flynn     Expo People  BHP         Uni Sheff Ent -logo    Wise Choice Nutrition LogoMellor Ware sheffield hallam2

And it’s all worked really well! You can watch the short video below about a programme we ran that involved young entrepreneurs and business managers. See what they thought…

The CREAM! initiative consists of  a number of key elements:

  • Leadership Training Programmes! 

    The young aspirational entrepreneurs join young managers of the local forward thinking businesses who’ve paid for their places. 

  • Engagement With Successful Local Businesses And Their Leaders!

    ‘Experienced’ entrepreneurs and business leaders share their experiences, knowledge and learning  – participants ‘tap in’ to the successes and mistakes of others who’ve ‘been there’!

  • Regular Networking Events!

    Evening networking sessions specifically for young managers and entrepreneurs – it’s about sharing learning, ideas and contacts in a supportive and collaborative environment. There are inputs from ‘experts’, success stories from local leaders, visits to local successful businesses, and a bit of ‘socialising’ too!

  • An On-line Community!

    Ongoing ‘on-line’ and ‘off line’ support via a dedicated website – we help share learning, solve problems, create opportunities and help people ‘make things happen’ in their business.                    

  • Learning And Development For All!

    Our community of business leaders, local employers, support organisations, young entrepreneurs and young managers learn from each other – the community is business focused and participants are encouraged to ‘do things’ and  share their experiences with each other!           

  • Results And Impacts!

    The success of CREAM will be driven by improvements in performance of the young managers by making impacts in their businesses (and ‘promotions’ for participants we hope!), sustainability and growth in the entrepreneurial businesses  (and job creation in the region!)

We’ve proved this works and we’re keen to build on it and get more businesses involved in helping the Create Results for the region’s young aspiring Entrepreneurs And Managers.

If you’d like more information, then please email Jill White below…..

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