#7 Keep Working ON!

25 Mar Andy’s 3D iDeas March 25

Andy's 3D iDeas are back! We thought that in these 'uncertain', and for many, difficult times you might benefit from 'taking out 5 minutes' for a bit of 'outside' stimulation. So we've brought back our simple little short podcast. It's only about 5 minutes long and...

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18 Mar What Your Reaction To Corona Virus Says About Your Business

Wow, we're in very, very interesting times! Uncertainty, disruption and a sense of panic definitely abounds, and it's very interesting to see how different businesses are reacting to the situation created by the Corona Virus outbreak. In any 'sudden change', there are both opportunities and...

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10 Jun Andy’s 3D Thoughts 10th June

How 'Easy' are you and your business? This week's 3D iDeas focus on doing things that make you easier to do business with and have examples of Walmart and Amazon taking a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach to making it work for their customers. There's also some ideas...

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