#3 Create ‘Devoted’ Customers

08 Oct Customer Delight – A ‘Rap’turous Response From Marks & Spencer!

How your company deals with customer service problems says a lot about you. We call it ‘Dealing With Disappointment’  and 3D Businesses ‘Encourage’, ‘Empower’, and ‘Enable‘ their people to do it effectively (it’s an ingredient of 3D Characteristic #5: Create An UBER Culture – more information here). Here’s a great example of this in action. When Eugene Costello...

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05 Jun Andy’s 3D Thoughts 6th June

What can you and your business learn from Ariana Grande? This week's 3 iDeas highlight 7 lessons from the 23 year old and her One Love Manchester show! From establishing a clear vision that 'stimulated, excited and inspired' to 'delighting' her customers and building innovatiOn into everything...

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