#3 Create ‘Devoted’ Customers

23 Oct Andy’s 3D Thoughts 23rd October

It's a special 3D Thoughts this week with a short video to share some lessons I learned from a visit to Raymond Blanc's Dramatically and Demonstrably Different business Le Manoir aux Quait'Saisons in Oxfordshire  last week. There are lessons in leadership, employee engagement, marketing, customer service and innovation! As ever,...

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23 Oct Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons – 7 Ingredients For 3D Success!

I was very lucky to accompany some clients on a 'benchmarking' exercise last week - I went with a group of leaders from the University Of Sheffield UNICUS team to visit the award winning restaurant Le Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons in Oxfordshire (Hey, someone had to do...

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08 Oct Customer Delight – A ‘Rap’turous Response From Marks & Spencer!

How your company deals with customer service problems says a lot about you. We call it ‘Dealing With Disappointment’  and 3D Businesses ‘Encourage’, ‘Empower’, and ‘Enable‘ their people to do it effectively (it’s an ingredient of 3D Characteristic #5: Create An UBER Culture – more information here). Here’s a great example of this in action. When Eugene Costello...

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