03Sep 7 Lessons In Creating 3D Customer Experiences From 7 US Businesses

Well, we’re back from the United States and we’ve had a wonderful time, but just to show that it wasn’t all holidays, here are 7 lessons from some forward thinking businesses who are delivering Dramatically and Demonstrably Different customer experiences which are worth sharing. They’re things I’ve noticed, things I’ve experienced and things that just made me think. Do with them what you will, but I’d like to think that some are worth exploring and working out what they mean for you, your business and importantly, your customers!

1. HQ Trivia Live

This is an ‘app that mimics the format of a TV quiz show on your phone!  You simply log in with a chance to win $10,000 by answering a series of questions each with three answers. Get the question right and you’re into the next round. The quiz consists of 12 rounds and all those that get to the 12th and answer it correctly, gets a share of the prize money.  It runs twice a day and it’s hosted ‘live’ and it’s very addictive. When the alarm went off each day on our friend’s phone to tell us it was starting, everything stopped and we got ‘focused’!

The good news, we have discovered on return that there’s a UK version – you can get it at the Apple Store!

3D Lesson: Be easy to buy from and deal with – make things accessible, easy to use, fun and interactive.

2. Lyft

Lyft is a direct competitor to Uber and we found it somehow ‘friendlier’ and ‘easier to use’ than the business that it is clearly ‘challenging’. Talking to those ‘friendlier’ drivers, they seemed to prefer Lyft (many do work for both) and one of the reasons is that the ‘app allows you to tip the driver easily as part of the paying process after the ride. As a customer, it was their responsiveness that really stood out. We did have one driver who’s driving skills did seem a little dodgy (she wasn’t brilliant at following ‘sat nav’ instructions!), but she did get us to our location OK.

I only rated her 3 out of 5 and within minutes I received a message with an apology and a request for more information as to why I’d scored her so low. I explained and said it wasn’t a big deal, but it hadn’t been as good as our previous drivers. Another apology came through, along with a $10 discount on our next ride! Apparently, this $1 Billion turnover business are on their way to London soon – Uber lookout!

3D Lesson: ‘Deal with Disappointment’ and keep your customers happy – especially if you are challenging well established competitors.

3. Wholey’s Market

Wholey’s Market is a well established family business that was founded back in 1912 and is in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Strip. Their mission is to create happy customers by selling the freshest product at the best prices, in a friendly, fun atmosphere. They sell the finest and freshest seafood, fish, meat, and poultry available and do it with a great customer experience that is most definitely ‘fun’. It’s clear that they have a total customer focus and do everything they can to create those happy customers.

There’s free local parking, a curbside pick up service, free recipes, incredibly friendly staff, and feedback forms to check how happy you are, but that’s just the start! They have some Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approaches including a free sea food school every Saturday morning to learn how to cook your fish properly, a Live Lobster Catch where customers who buy a lobster get a chance to keep all the lobsters they can catch and hold in a minute… and a talking cow (which I obviously had to video!)

3D Lesson: Create outstanding customer experiences to stand out from the crowd.


We visited Zappos and the whole experience was amazing. I wrote a previous article with 40 Lessons Learned, so if you’ve not read it yet, I suggest you give it a good look – there’s no more to say about these guys except that this is a business that truly ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to amazing customer experiences by completely engaging their people.

If you like that, you might also want to check out our lessons from our visit to the fabulous 3D Business, John’s Crazy Socks, who build customer happiness into everything they do.

3D Lesson: It’s all about creating a ‘culture’ that engages, empowers and enables your people



The clue’s in the name! BAGBNB is like AirBNB, but for your luggage! They are an international luggage storage network present in over 25 Countries and over 100 cities worldwide.

We arrived in New York and needed somewhere to store our luggage for the day and found their website! We simply signed up, looked for the nearest convenient drop off point on the website, booked it in, paid our $6 and we’re sorted!

We dropped the bags off at an Italian cafe just off 42nd Street and we were free to travel around New York for the rest of the day until we picked them before getting our lift out to JFK airport!

3D Lesson: Create a seamless, simple customer offer that does the job!



7. Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill is a hospital themed restaurant in downtown Las Vegas and offers an unhealthy diet of incredibly large hamburgers. Customers are invited to weigh themselves on electronic scales before you go in and apparently those who weigh over 350 pounds are invited to unlimited free food!

The menu includes the Single Bypass Burger, Double Bypass Burger, Triple Bypass Burger, and all the way to the Octuple Bypass Burger! These dishes range in weight from half a pound to four pounds of beef! There’s also Flatliner Fries which are cooked in pure lard and a hot dog called the Coronary Dog. They do, of course, serve full sugar Coca-Cola and Butterfat Milkshakes!

To Demonstrate their Dramatic Difference, they are very proud of their Guinness World Record Most Calorific Burger which has a caloric content of 9,983 calories!

It’s certainly not the most ‘politically correct’ restaurant and is not aimed at everyone…. but that’s the point! They’ve dared to ‘break the rules’ and offer a real alternative to a specific group of customers. (As someone who’s had a triple heart bypass,I’m probably not one of them!)

3D Lesson: Don’t just ‘break the rules’, but ‘create the rules’ and use this to differentiate your business!

So, to conclude, our experience suggests that 3D Businesses strive to create ‘delighted’ customers – Not ‘have a nice day’, or ‘buy one get one free’ gimmicks, but going the extra mile and ‘exceeding customer expectations’. By definition, this subsequently raises customer expectations – 3D Businesses relish and embrace this, and work hard to raise the bar.

They make their customers feel ‘valued’ and ‘devoted’ to the business – they have high expectations and consistently receive a great experience (‘great’ as defined by the customers, not the business!). These are customers who come back for more and tell others. It starts with being ‘easy to buy from’ and ‘easy to deal with’ in every customer interaction and it means everyone focusing on customers wherever they are in the business.

All these businesses are taking a 3D approach to creating great customer experiences… and are all doing it in different ways! And that’s the point – Your challenge is to work out what you can do to make it work in your business. Click on the image to get the free e book Customer Delight As Competitive Advantage to help you do it.

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27Aug Andy’s 3D Thoughts 28th August

3D ThoughtsThis week’s 3D iDeas ‘special’ comes via our trip to Silicon Valley! We were there last week and visited Apple’s amazing new HQ, went to see Google, and as well as Stanford University, and the HP Garage, where it all started, we popped in to see Facebook too – although they wouldn’t let us in!

So, here are few ‘snippets’ from our visits that show what a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different world we are in  – you can find out what they are by simply clicking on the image below…


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20Aug Andy’s 3D Thoughts 20th August

3D ThoughtsWe’ve got another 3D iDeas ‘special’ this week as they highlight just some of the the lessons learned from the amazing business that is Zappos. Yes, we visited them in Las Vegas on Friday and there are so many ideas for anyone interested in developing the culture of their business.

They really are a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different business and Demonstrate all 4 Ingredients of 3D Characteristic #5: Build An UBER Culture and you can find out how they do that by simply clicking on the image below…


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20Aug Our Visit To Zappos – 40 Lessons Learned… And Shared

Wow! It’s not very often I’m speechless, but after visiting the amazing business that is Zappos, I was lost for words… for a few minutes anyway! I’ve read about them, I’ve blogged about them, and I’ve spoken about them at conferences and seminars, but to ‘experience’ them was unforgettable! We visited their Las Vegas HQ on Friday and were completely blown away by their approach to doing business, and it’s all about (surprise, surprise!)….. Culture!

I have never met a business that so demonstrated 3D Characteristic #5: Create An UBER Culture (there’s more info here), and boy, have they done that! How? Well here goes with just some of the things we picked up after our memorable personal tour by Ryo who completely ‘walked the talk’, as did Jen who very kindly picked us up from our hotel and took us to Zappos HQ.

So, where to start? Well’ here are 40 short ‘take aways’ from our visit using the 4 ingredients of UBER Culture as a framework…

#1: Everyone Understands what’s expected of them and behaves accordingly and consistently 

1. The 10 Zappos values are there for all to see, but it’s not just about putting posters up like many businesses do – they are discussed, lived and demonstrated in everything they do. They include…

  • ‘Deliver ‘Wow’ through service’
  • ‘Create fun and a little weirdness’
  • ‘Be adventurous, creative and open-minded’ 
  • ‘Build open and honest relationships with communication’
  • ‘Do more with less’

2. It took them a year to shape and develop them, and although they were originally put forward by CEO Tony Hsieh, he invited and encouraged lots of discussion and feedback until they were ‘right’!

3. They demonstrate their ‘way of doing things around here’ in everything they do – decorate your desk as you see fit and wear what you like, and bring your dog if you wish! It’s a very relaxed place and to demonstrate that, if you arrive for a job interview in suit and tie, they cut your tie off at reception!!!! If you don’t like that, you’re probably NOT a Zappos type!

4. In week 3 of your induction, you do a Values Project which involves you researching and demonstrating to your peers what the values (or a particular value) means to you and the business.

5. You also go on a ‘scavenger hunt’ where you find things out about the business, its values and its people and you are actively encouraged to engage and connect with people.

#2: Systems and Processes are Built to support and reinforce the behaviours you want 

6. The Zappos recruitment process has 2 strands – one for technical competence and one for ‘culture fit’ carried out by HR. If you pass the technical one, but not the culture one, you’re not hired – Culture fit over-rides technical fit EVERY TIME!

7. The 4 week induction is very much focused on developing understanding of the values and embedding them into peoples’ ‘way of doing things around here’. After 3 weeks, they offer you a month’s salary if it’s not for you to allow you to be comfortable in your ongoing job search!

8. All the wires and cables for computers and office equipment are suspended from the ceiling rather than fixed in the floor which allows super flexibility and supports the ability to move things around easily – there’s a lot of ‘moving things around’ at Zappos as teams grow and develop.  (Zappos Value: Embrace and drive change)

9. You and your teammates choose your salary! There’s a budget that you have to work within and that’s it! (Zappos Value: ‘Build a positive team and family spirit’)

10. The vending machines for things like drinks and snacks are on alternate floors so you have to travel to get to them and therefore more likely to meet someone from a different team or department (Zappos Value: ‘Build a positive team and family spirit’)

11. They have a team of ‘Fun-gineers’ whose full time job it is to bring joy and smiles to Zappos’s employees, and they organise all sorts of parties, competitions, music events and even the world’s largest water fight, that engage, entertain and bring people together (Zappos Value: Create fun and a little weirdness)

12. The ‘Fun-gineers’ set up ‘cinemas’ and encourage people to watch a film in the communal area (feel free to bring your computer and ‘work’ – you CAN be productive while enjoying yourself – especially if it’s with colleagues from other departments.  (Zappos Value: ‘Create fun and a little weirdness’ and ‘Build open and honest relationships with communication’)

13. On one HUMP Day (Wednesday for those that don’t know), real camels were brought in and all were encouraged to take selfies in the communal space! (Zappos Value: Create fun and a little weirdness)

14. They contribute massively to the local community and encourage their people to do the same. For example, they hold Thanksgiving Day parties for locals, open their offices for school proms where they bring in make up artists, photographers and outfitters for local schools, and special events for The Salvation Army and homeless people that provide food, drink, showers and of course, shoes (Zappos Value: Be humble)

15. Their HR processes consistently reinforce the behaviours and everyone is regularly reviewed against them working in line with, and promoting them, rather than just ‘performance targets’. (Zappos Value: Embrace and drive change)

16. Formal and structured ‘disciplinaries’ are carried out on ‘Behavioural issues’ when required

17. All products purchased by customers can be returned at any time in the next 365 days and if you buy them on February 29th, you get 4 years to return them! (Zappos Value: Deliver ‘wow’ through service’)

18. When you call Zappos, there is an ‘option’ to press 5 to listen to a joke’! Apparently, 13% of customers actually do this!  (Zappos Value: ‘Deliver WOW through service’ and ‘Create fun and a little weirdness’)

19. Employees can (and do) ‘wow’ each other – for example you can post a ‘wish’ for someone on the internal network, and colleagues responded. For Ryo, this was a new bed when he’d just moved into his flat in Las Vegas! (Zappos Value: ‘Build a positive team and family spirit’)

20. The budget for ‘team building activities’ is about $50 per person per month and the team decides how it will be spent. Ryo explained that his team saved theirs up for a few months so they could all go out for dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Hells Kitchen in Las Vegas. Another team saved up all year and went to Disneyland! (Zappos Value: ‘Build a positive team and family spirit’)

#3: People are Engaged, empowered and enabled to live those behaviours 

21. From the day you ‘graduate’ your induction, and yes, there’s a ceremony for that, that you can invite your family and friends to, through to having very no ‘bosses’, everyone is actively engaged in delivering fantastic customer experiences. 

22. Staff have full empowerment to do the right thing without permission from a ‘boss’  (Zappos Value: ‘Deliver WOW through service’)

23. The aim is to train staff so they don’t have to pass a customer on to someone else.  (Zappos Value: ‘Deliver WOW through service’ and ‘Pursue growth  and learning’)

24. They celebrate the contributions that their partners and vendors make by throwing a party for them as recognition and to say thank you for doing business with them.  (Zappos Value: ‘Deliver WOW through service’ and ‘Build open and honest relationships with communication’)

25. A key thing that is encouraged is delivering a PEC – that’s a ‘Personal Emotional Connection’ with your customer, and staff are encouraged and trained to build personal relationships and do all they can to help a customer – Ryo told us a great story of how he once sent a water bowl and some doggie treats to a customer’s dog who was barking in the background during the call.  (Zappos Value: ‘Deliver WOW through service’ and ‘Build open and honest relationships with communication’)

26. There’s a simple rule: Stay on the phone until the customer puts the phone down. The record length of call apparently, is 10 hours 53 minutes!!!  (Zappos Value: ‘Be passionate and determined’)

27. There are definitely ‘NO SCRIPTS’.  (Zappos Value: ‘Deliver WOW through service’)

28. Zappos team members are also allowed (empowered and enabled) to make ‘wise decisions’ to ‘delight’ the customer like up grading to next day delivery, providing replacement goods without question and offering money back when it’s deemed appropriate (by the team member!). One lady returned some boots and explained that they’d been for father who had then passed away before they arrived – she was told that she didn’t have to pay.  (Zappos Value: ‘Deliver WOW through service’ and ‘Build open and honest relationships with communication’)

29. The call centre is usually ‘over staffed’ – the time, money and resource they invest in the customer experience, they see very much as their marketing budget.  (Zappos Value: ‘Do more with less’ (honestly, think about it!))

30. Paid paternity leave is 6 weeks, maternity is 20, and there’s a concierge service that helps you get things like your cleaning, car servicing, teeth and even a balloon ordering service if you’re having a celebration! The view is if you look after your people, they’ll deliver!  (Zappos Value: ‘Build a positive team and family spirit’)

31. There are also gyms, TV lounges to watch movies, relaxation areas (with fish!) and a wonderful (subsidised and free) cafe for all staff to use. (Zappos Value: ‘Build a positive team and family spirit’)

#4: People are Rewarded and recognised for living those behaviours 

32. Co-workers can bonus colleagues $50 through the reward and recognition programme (Zappos Value: ‘Build a positive team and family spirit’)

33. They recognise those who ‘commit’ to the business. You are ‘formally’ presented with your blue ‘Name Plate’ once you are a ‘full time employee (it looks like a registration plate) and other ‘presentations’ come on different anniversaries.

34. Zollars is the internal Zappos currency that can be spent on all sorts of things that can used to ‘wow’ colleagues who’ve done something special. (Zappos Value: ‘Embrace and drive change’)

35. There are lots of ways of rewarding and recognising people who ‘contribute’ to the culture. For example, from promoting people who work in the canteen into the core business (if that’s what they want to do of course!) to giving a young member of the team, Miguel Hernandez, who is an artist a chance to decorate parts of Zappos HQ and ‘pushing him’ into other businesses including Disney to fulfill his dream and become a ‘professional artist’(Zappos Value: ‘Pursue growth and learning’)

36. People are scored on ‘making friends outside their department’ (Zappos Value: ‘Build a positive team and family spirit’)

37. Staff are rewarded for exceptional customer service, especially when great feedback has come from customers

38. Being a role model in living the values means you have more chance of being promoted.      

39. It also goes beyond the workplace – Ryo was once approached ‘Downtown’ by a stranger asking for directions and he helped him by going above and beyond. It turned out that the guy was a friend of Tony Hsieh and he told him what  a great job Ryo had done. A couple of days later, a ‘formal’ meeting that Ryo was in was rudely interrupted by a troupe singing and dancing and presented him with Maria Carey tickets (his absolute favourite!!!) (Zappos Value: ‘Be passionate and determined’)

And finally…

40. This stuff works…. Living these values clearly ‘drives’ performance in the areas that are ‘traditionally’ counted.  Last year’s reported revenues were in excess of $3 billion and 80% of customers come back for more!

Apparently, the owner Amazon are very happy with the profits it generates (Part of the deal when they bought it was that they couldn’t ‘interfere’ with the culture), but the emphasis is very much on do this great stuff for your people who will do great stuff for their customers and the results will come.

As Tony Hsieh says “Just because you can’t measure the ROI of something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. What’s the ROI on hugging you mom’?

To find out a bit more about UBER Culture and to see how your business measures up using our simple assessment tool, simply click on the image to download it!

To find out a bit more about Zappos and their approach, this short video gives a good insight….


Finally, thanks so much to Ryo and the Zappos team – You being ‘Passionate and Determined’ meant we were ‘Completely ‘WOW’ed’!  You certainly ‘Created some fun and a little weirdness’, and you definitely ‘Built an open and honest relationships with communication’, by being ‘humble’ with it.  Finally, thanks for being so  ‘Adventurous, creative and open – minded’ in your approach, and ‘Building an honest relationship with communication’.That will allow us to ‘Pursue growth and learning’ for both us and our clients, which hopefully means we’ll be able to ‘Do more with less’! and finally, we now definitely feel part of a ‘Positive team and part of your family spirit’!

Phew, I’ve got my words back!

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13Aug Andy’s 3D Thoughts 13th August

3D ThoughtsThis week’s 3D iDeas are ‘special’ as they feature a very special man with a very special business. We were very lucky to visit John’s Crazy Socks in Huntington, New York last week, and it truly is a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different business. They Demonstrate all 7 Characteristics of 3D Businesses and you can find out how by simply clicking on the image below…


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13Aug John’s Crazy Socks – Making A Dramatic Difference By Being Dramatically Different!

John Lee Cronin is a truly inspirational entrepreneur. John, who has Down Syndrome, co-founded his business John’s Crazy Socks with his father Mark and between them they have built a $multi million turnover business in less than 2 years by spreading happiness through socks!

We had the honour of meeting him and his team at their office in Huntington, New York earlier this week, and it’s clear that they are a shining example of a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different Business – they demonstrated all 7 of the Characteristics! This is how….

3D Characteristic #1: Get That Vision Thing!

These guys have a clear vision to build a successful business that makes a difference. Like the best ‘visions’, it’s a picture of the future that ‘stimulates, excites and inspires’. They have ambitious goals, both financially and socially. As well as clearly defined goals of making an impact in terms of employing people with disabilities, raising money and profile for a wide range of charities, Mark explained that they have clear profit goals too – it all has to make financial sense!  They also work hard at sharing that vision and ensuring that employees, partners, supporters and customers have bought into it too.

  • Do you have ‘that vision thing’?
  • Does it ‘stimulate, excite and inspire’… you… and others?
  • Have you shared it and does it drive your performance?

3D Characteristic #2: Think in 3D!

John and Mark recognised early on that ‘same as sucks’ and they strive to do things that makes them ‘stand out from the crowd’, get people talking about them and telling others. They  have established a Dramatic Difference“an unmatchable ‘bundle’ of products, services, skills, methods and practices that differentiate the business from its competitors”. It’s their original, quirky and fun over 1,900 products, and it is of course, John himself! His personality shines through in everything that he does and he works hard at Demonstrating that in his personal thank you videos, and his updates and news that are published online across a wide range of social media.

  • What’s your ‘Dramatic Difference‘?
  • Do you ‘Demonstrate‘ it in everything you do?

3D Characteristic #3: Create Delighted And Devoted Customers!

They strive to ‘Delight’ their customers in everything they do! From individual ‘thank you’ notes from John, and (at his insistence!) sweets in every delivery, they look to make the customer experience a very personal one! John also does personal ‘thank you videos’ to customers that contact him and mention him on social media.

  • How do you ‘delight’ your customers?
  • How do you do it consistently to create devoted customers?

3D Characteristic #4: Forget CRM, Think MCR! Maximise Your Customer Relationships!

3D Businesses have a total customer focus and are proactive (even obsessive!) in focusing their efforts and resources to demonstrate it, and John’s Crazy Socks are fantastic at this. They work hard at Maximising their Customer Relationships which means proactively developing relationships that give the best to and get the best from the customers that they want”. 

It’s all about engaging with their customers and creating ‘dialogue, not diatribes’. They work hard at ongoing engagement with their customers through things like their Sock Of The Month Club, their specialty gift boxes and bags, visits and tours of their offices and ongoing interaction on their Facebook page and social networks. They’ve created a real ‘community’ which they proactively stimulate and engage with and this creates large amounts of repeat business, referrals and recommendations.

  • How do you ‘engage’ with your customers?
  • Are you ‘maximising’ your customer relationships?

3D Characteristic #5: Create An UBER Culture!

A key driver for this business is their amazingly strong focus on making a social impact. Mark explained that they have built John’s Crazy Socks with a simple mission: Spreading Happiness! He went on to say We have a social mission and an e-commerce mission and these twin missions are indivisible. Our social mission helps our e-commerce efforts and our e-commerce efforts supports our social mission. We believe it is not enough simply to sell things; we think it is important to have a mission and to give back”

Everything they do is designed to spread happiness and have built their business on four pillars:

  1. Inspiration & Hope: Demonstrating what people can do when given a chance
  2. Giving Back: We donate 5% of our earnings to the Special Olympics and our awareness and charity socks raise money for our charity partners
  3. Socks You Can Love: We have over 1,900 crazy sock styles
  4. Making It Personal: We want a personal connection with our customers.

It’s clear that they ‘live’ these values in everything they do, from recruiting people regardless of disability (provided they can demonstrate that they can ‘do the job’ – it’s part of the recruitment / induction process – as Mark emphasised to us ‘It’s got to make commercial sense to employ them’!)

The John’s Crazy Socks ‘culture’ is very tangible and it’s clear that customers experience that ‘culture’ simply by talking to and interacting with them, whether it’s by email, social media, on the telephone or face to face as we did!

  • Does everyone in your business Understand your ‘values’?
  • Are your systems and processes Built to support them?
  • Are people Engaged, empowered and enabled to demonstrate them? 
  • Do you Reward and recognise those that do?

3D Characteristic #6: KeeP In Control!

3D Businesses establish a clear profit focus and get ownership of the ‘numbers’ at every level. It’s clear that this is a real driver at John’s Crazy Socks and has been since the beginning. When they first decided to go into business, they explored different ideas. A ‘fun store’ was John’s first idea, but unfortunately, they couldn’t find anything to sell profitably in it! They then decided on a food truck and started making plans until, as John explained to us, there was a problem… “We can’t cook!”

The next idea was socks! John had worn crazy socks all his life and so they set up a website and tested the idea of selling socks online and the response was very positive. Mark says, “We learned three things: 1: People want to buy socks, 2: People want to buy socks from John, 3: This young man and this old man can sell socks”

It’s clear when you listen to them, that they clearly have their ‘fingers on the pulse’ when it comes to the numbers. Yes, they are making a real social impact, but they are doing it ‘profitably’.

  • How profit focused are you?
  • Do you KeeP In Control with Key Performance Indicators that measure ‘the right things’?

3D Characteristic #7: InnovatiON!

John and his dad have a passion for generating new ideas and like all good 3D Businesses they ‘successfully exploit those new ideas’, both in terms of new products and the way they sell them. They are constantly on the lookout for sourcing more socks people can love, and that involves proactively getting ideas and suggestions from their customers by encouraging them to put forward those ideas.

John and Mark create time, systems and processes for making innovation work and recognise that ‘standing still’ actually means ‘going backwards’. As a result, they drive and develop their ‘Dramatic Difference continuously. It’s clear that they don’t leave it to chance!

  • Where do your ideas come from?
  • What ‘processes and systems’do you have for innovatiON?
  • How much time do you spend proactively developing it?

So, a great business that demonstrates that you can make a real difference and make a real profit. It was an honour to meet John, Mark and the John’s Crazy Socks team and we went away as both happy customers (yes, we bought lots of socks!) and happy people having met such a wonderful chap!

Keep ‘Spreading That Happiness’ John!

If you want to order some socks GO HERE and if you want to buy our book on The 7 Characteristics GO HERE!

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