06Dec We Played To Win!

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to the Riverside Stadium this morning. It really was a great morning, and I’m sure you’ll agree, everyone left stimulated, inspired and motivated!

Here are the slides from the session. Feel free to browse the website for articles and toolkits on many of the things we talked about. Download them, distribute them, USE them!!!

Thanks to all our speakers and contributors – we couldn’t have done it without you!

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01Dec Thomson Fly? More Like ‘Thomson Must Try’

A friend recently booked flights with Thomson Fly for his whole family, and paid the extra for reserved seats. On boarding the plane, he was told that it was a different model of plane than had been originally scheduled, and that the seats weren’t available.

A member of the crew told him to contact Head Office when he got back. So, on his return, he called Thomson to get his money refunded ( less than

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18Nov It’s The People, Stupid!

Welcome to those of you who attended the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining “Challenges Of The Global Market” Conference. To download the slides from my presentation, “It’s The People, Stupid!” simply click here.

You might also be interested in Vision, Values and Victors, a paper I wrote highlighting the lessons from winning companies. Finally, to subscribe to Revolutionary Times, free rants, raves and ideas straight to your inbox, click here.

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13Nov ‘Bribes’ Take The Biscuit!

News that nurses at Kings College Hospital Trust are being given chocolate biscuits and thank you cards for smiling at patients has been criticised by The Nursing Times saying that nurses do not need bribes to be helpful and pleasant to patients.

They’re NOT bribes, they’re ‘Thank you’s’ – recognition for a job well done. They also remind people that customer service is important too.

Of course nurses don’t need bribes, neither do lawyers, receptionists, account handlers, waiters or job centre staff.

What they do need is recognition of a job well done, and ‘rewards’ for demonstrating the behaviours needed for doing a great job.

‘Technically’ brilliant individuals may get the job done, but it’s HOW people do it which is also important. It’s about creating and ‘championing Champions’. What do you do to ‘Champion’ yours?

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