04Jan 2007 -New Year, New Ideas!

Away on holiday in Portugal at the moment, but back in the UK from January 9th.

Really looking forward to a great new year with lots of new ideas (and some old ones!). There’s plenty happening in 2007. Look out for a redesigned website, a new book, a video, and ‘Andy’s Blog’, regular rants and raves on competitiveness and how businesses get and stay ahead.

In the meantime, all the best for the New Year, and here’s to a successful 2007 for us all.

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19Dec Time Magazine’s ‘Person Of The Year’? It’s YOU, apparently!

More evidence that the consumer is in control comes from Time Magazine’s choice of it’s Person Of The Year.

This year, it’s YOU! Their asertion that YOU control the Information Age and the democratisation of the media through the likes of You Tube, Wikepedia, MySpace and the millions of Blogs published daily has changed the world that we live and communicate in.

There’s some great examples and stories to support this here.

My choice, for what it’s worth, isn’t you, but David Walliams of Little Britain fame for his amazing swim across the English Channel.

Who’s Yours?

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12Dec Flying has its Rewards (For Staff!)

A friend who’s a regular flyer with American Airlines recently received some $50 vouchers to use. Not to give him discounts, or extra services, but to give to members of American Airlines staff who make his trip an enjoyable one.

What a great idea – a direct reward for excellent customer service. It happened to me at a hotel I stayed at some years ago. I was given a token that I had to give to the person who made my stay a great one. Apparently the staff could then trade in the rewards for prizes.

Think how this could work in your business…. ask customers to highlight your ‘customer champions’, get them to nominate your best performers, send them a voucher they could give to your staff.
This does a number of things:
– It demonstrates you believe in great service (to your staff and customers)
– It highlights brilliant performers
– It ‘engages’ your customers
Be careful how you reward your people as a result. One shop I visited once asked customers to nominate ’employees of the month’. I came across one, a seventeen year old lad called Daniel who gave exceptional service. I told him I was going to vote for him. ‘Please don’t’ he said, ‘I’ve already had 4 nominations this week’ .

‘You’ll win, then’ I told him. ‘I know’ he replied ‘I don’t want to… the prize is dinner with the MD!’

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08Dec As the Future Catches You!

Wow! If you think the world has changed dramatically in the last five years, you haven’t seen anything yet. You’ll never look at the world again after reading this book. Juan Enriques has written a book that explores how technology and particularly genetics and genomics are already transforming our lives, both business and personally.

It’s about life beyond the didigal age and it’s truly amazing. For example. nanotechnology will enable the Encyclopedia Britannica to be written on the nead of a pin! So what? Well, this book explains the ‘so what’ and takes you on ajourney that will scare, amaze and stimulate you!

The sort, quick, fun style ensures a great read. Digest it, and see the future before your competitors do!

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