29Jan Seeing the ‘Real Picture’

Just back from a fantastic swimming training weekend for my triathlon.

The Total Immersion training workshop teaches you to ‘swim like a fish’!

A number of fantastic lessons for me, but here’s one for you. The session started off with them filming me in action. Wow – if a picture paints a thousand words, my swimming technique (or lack of it!) was highlighted in glorious technicolour.

It immediately highlighted just how ugly my swimming is. Now, imagine if that video was on your business – in your reception, awaiting your delivery drivers or sales people when they arrived at a customer’s office. Or how about videoing you chairing your next meeting, appraisal, or team presentation? Even an audio recording might teach you something.

Nobody does things deliberately badly, but we somethimes need others to point out what is really going on. How could you ‘hold up a mirror’ to you and your business?

Perhaps, if videoing isn’t practical, get an ‘outsider’ to provide a fresh pair of eyes to see the ‘Real Picture’!

By the way, I was filmed again at the end of a weekend – what an improvement! And I could see it right in front of my eyes!!

Now, back to the pool for more practice!

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23Jan More Than’ just a number?

The Guardian has reported that the Insurer More Than.. have announced that all their customers will now have a dedicated account manager at their call centre in response to customer frustrations of anonymity and being passed round different departments.

It seems a positive move.

It will be interesting to see if customers become More Than happy with the results.

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18Jan 40 FREE ideas!

In December we held a highly successful event for business leaders in Tees Valley called Playing To Win. We produced a simple handout for participants to take away which contained 40 ideas for action.

The feedback from this was great, so we’ve made it available on the website as a FREE download.

You’ll find a number (40 to be precise!) of ideas you can put into action immediately – why not use it to generate a couple of new year’s resolutions!

Download it here. Don’t forget to let us know about any successes!

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