28Mar Andy Becomes A Star Writer!

I’ll be writing a regular column for the Sheffield Star’s new monthly Business Magazine from next week. Called ‘Compete Or Get Beat’, my column will be a regular look at current business isssues and as ever will contain the usual thoughts, ideas and humour(!!).

It’s going to be distributed with The Star throughout South Yorkshire, and directly to businesses in the area.

If you’re from outside the area, don’t worry, I’ll ensure that there’s a copy or a link to the article each month, so you won’t miss out!

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23Mar How Do They Account For This?

Royal Bank of Scotland employees have received a warning from a main board director that they face disciplinary action unless they open a bank account with the Edinburgh-based group.

As an employee of RBS apparently you MUST now have an account there! No if’s,no but’s – That’s the rule!

How would you feel?

Imagine if every business forced their employees to do this – Stella Artois workers would struggle to get up for work each day after a night of having to drink their product, London Underground workers would presumably be banned from taxis, and as for any Andrex employees who tried to use a public toilet, it just doesn’t bear thinking about!

Surely a company must be confident enough in its own products and services that it doesn’t have to force its employees to use them!

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22Mar Leading In Lancaster!

Back from presenting to a great bunch of business leaders at Lancaster University School Of Management.

We had a great morning with some excellent contributions from the participants.

Here are the slides.

Have a look at the downloads section of the website – there’s some good stuff there reinforcing many of the isssues we discussed. Remember…it’s about ACTION!

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