03Apr An ‘Ace Time’ In Knaresborough!

Here are the slides from my session at The Academy For Chief Executives Leaders Forum in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. It’s always stimulating to spend time with people taking time out from working IN their businesses to work ON them. For those who didn’t attend, here’s a question – When was the last time you took real ‘quality’ time to work on strategic issues? It may be worth booking some time in a diary to do it – you know it makes sense!

For those that did attend, here are a couple of toolkits that you might find useful: ‘Vision, Values and Victors’, and ‘Avoiding Scriptease in Your Business’. Feel free to have a look in the Downloads section for a few other bits and pieces you may find useful.

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02Apr Sheffield Chamber Masterclasses

You may have received a flyer from Sheffield Chamber Of Commerce highlighting the Masterclass events I’m presenting on 25th April.

You may also have noticed that the descriptions of the content of each Masterclass is the same!!! They’re not!

The content of the first session is very much about Creating More Customers, and the content of the second is about looking after them once you’ve got them, Winning With Customer Service.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to email or give us a call.

Details can also be found on the Sheffield Chamber Of Commerce website. Hope to see you there!

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30Mar Organise Your Own ‘Oscars’

Just back from hosting a company day in the North East which culminated in an ‘Oscars’ ceremony that recognised some great individual performances from the past year. All voted by their peers, the winners included ‘Best Manager’, ‘Most Innovative’ and ‘The Biggest Unsung Hero’. It was a great way to round off a Performance Review session.

You might not want to go down the route of ‘Oscars’ (to be fair, it wasn’t ‘over the top’ at all), but what could you do to FORMALLY recognise great individual performances in your business?

Think back. When was the last time you actually did it?

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