Strategic Away Days

Taking teams away to help them work strategically on key Binocularsbusiness issues. It’s about helping people create time to work ‘ON’ the business, not just ‘IN’ it, facilitating constructive discussion on key challenges and opportunities, and creating a shared plan to help them drive things forward. This can typically involve:


– Senior management teams


– Project teams


– Cross departmental teams and sometimes


– The whole business or departmental team!

Examples have included:


  • Working with the board of a fast growing insurance business to shape a five year, three year and one year ‘vision’
  • Facilitating a number of sessions with a senior management team of a sports trust helping them move from being a council run organisation to being a ‘stand alone’ organisation – we helped establish a clear vision and a set of core values with 12 month priorities and key milestones
  • A ‘top team’ away day for directors and department heads of a truck dealership to review performance and develop key goals for each business unit.
  • Working with an executive team of a growing design business helping them establish clear standards and expectations when it comes to delivering ‘remarkable’ customer experiences in everything they did
  • Helping a project team agree and establish a plan to ‘embed’ the core values of the business at every level of that business