What Do I Actually Speak About?

It’s about marketing, it’s about customer service, it’s about innovation, and it’s about the leadership and culture needed to make it happen!   

No ‘magical answers’ or any of that ‘Do these 63 things….’ stuff, but real insights  into 3D Businesses – what they do and how they do it! It’s about helping your business and your people get ahead, and stay ahead, of your competitors.

Here are the top 10 topics and themes I am asked to deliver… 


Andy Hand Up1. Create Customer Delight!

In this session I show how 3D Businesses deliver remarkable customer service consistently. I share real insights and examples of businesses that ‘wow’ their customers. It’s  about ‘being easy to buy from and deal with’ and exceeding their expectations – that’s the delight bit! By providing real practical examples of businesses that do it, I give your people the ideas and the tools to do the same in your business! The result is people equipped with the skills and attitudes to ‘delight’ your customers!


2. Think in 3D!

This is all about differentiation and getting your business to ‘stand out from the crowd’! This session helps your people understand the need for doing so and how they contribute to your business doing that. By providing real examples of businesses that are doing it it helps your people understand the benefits of having  a ‘Dramatic Difference, and what it needs to be to get your business ahead of your competitors! Crucially, it’s about helping them understand what it means for them in their role and how they can ‘Demonstrate‘ it…… consistently. People leave with the motivation, and the tools to ‘make a real difference’ in helping differentiate your business.


3. Valuing Our Values!

Culture is often seen as the ‘soft’ side of business – the reality is that it’s often the hardest! In this session I provide insights into how 3D Businesses establish a culture that creates real competitive advantage and how your people can do the same. It’s about establishing ‘the way we do things around here’  – whether that’s the leaders creating and establishing it, or helping everyone in the business live it! It’s about creating ownership and meaning that sends people away with the will to make it work! This session often works particularly well when the aim is to bring the values of the business to life!


4. The 7 Characteristics Of 3D Businesses

By sharing the 7 Characteristics, the audience learn the lessons from 3D Businesses and work out how they can translate those lessons into their business with specific actions that make a difference! It’s popular at multi-business events this one, and also works well ‘in-company’ as we can provide diagnostic and assessment tools before, during or after the session to help ‘amplify the pain’ and identify the areas that need working on!


5. Maximising Leadership Performance 

A session typically for entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers and potential managers that highlights the key characteristics that differentiate 3D leaders from the rest – it’s about thinking and working strategically ‘on’ the business, establishing a vision that ‘stimulates, excites and inspires’ and it’s about getting buy in to that and engaging people. I provide your leaders with practical steps and tools that they can develop and make work back in your business.



6. Making Your Marketing Work!

We define ‘marketing’ as ‘finding, attracting and keeping the customers that you want while maximising your profits’. This session shows how 3D Businesses create a complete marketing focus and get everyone focused on proactively finding, attracting and keeping those customers! This session typically challenges people to understand their role and evaluate their current approach. Again through real examples of businesses who ‘get it’ I help them identify the steps they need to take to make their marketing work in your business and the role they play in making that happen.


7. Forget CRM, Think MCRMaximiseYour Customer Relationships!

This is all about how 3D Businesses ensure that their customer facing staff (and non customer facing staff!) give the best to, and get the best from their customers to maximise relationships, opportunities, repeat business and referrals! This session helps participants evaluate their approach to the way they work with their customers (both internally and externally) and gives them proven tools and techniques to help them identify and maximise opportunities. It’s certainly not ‘having a go’ at CRM, and in fact many businesses use this session to explore and develop ways that they can maximise their CRM system!


 8. Make Innovation Work In Your Business

Our definition of innovation is ‘the successful exploitation of new ideas’ and this session explores how 3D Businesses consistently get better at what they do in the areas that count. Not necessarily lots of ‘blue sky thinking’ or ‘world changing ideas’  but providing people with simple, effective processes for engaging everyone in the business to make ‘innovation’ work! As well as helping them identify the ‘blockages’ to making it work in their business, they get the tools required to overcome them to make innovation a ‘way of life’ in your business.


9. Maximising People Performanceandy1

Busy business leaders and managers like this one! It highlights how 3D Businesses create committed, motivated and effective people at every level and how their leaders and managers get the best out of their people. This session gives your people practical and proven ideas for motivating, engaging and getting ‘buy in’ to goals, targets and values and maximising the performance of their people. The result is often them identifying what they need to do to improve their own performance too!


10. Revolutionise Your Bottom Line!

A practical session that takes your people through proven processes into improving profitability. No spreadsheets or financial trickery, but real examples of how 3D Businesses do it – it’s about pricing, it’s about efficiencies, it’s about maximising opportunities, and getting everyone in the business profit focused. The result is a practical ‘Route To Profitability’ plan that people can go away and make work!


Often it’s a combination of these things (and other things too!). I tailor things to suit the audience in terms of their roles in the business, their mix and the issues and challenges they face.


“Andy provided us with real insights into customer engagement and his ideas will go some way to defining our strategy going forward”

Alex Alway, Group Chief Executive, Jelf Insurance


As well as providing an insight into how 3D Businesses make this stuff work, I give them the tools and techniques to make it happen in their business.


“Thank you for your excellent presentation at our conference – it was the one that was talked about all evening! You definitely got everyone “doing something!”

 Annalese Bone, Hunters Estate Agents