Andy’s Top Topic 9

Maximising People Performance

Homer Working“People are our biggest asset” is something lots of business leaders regularly say. However, it’s only true if those assets are maximised! Our research shows that 3D Businesses develop committed, motivated and effective people at every level and it does not happen by chance!


It’s all about ‘engagement’ and in this session I highlight how 3D Leaders proactively get ‘buy in’ to their vision and values – ensuring their people know where they are heading and what’s expected!


I share the tools and techniques they use to ensure everyone understands where they ‘fit in’ and how they are doing – it’s all ‘Championing their Champions’ and ‘Challenging their Challengers’, and ‘maximise’ the performance of themselves and their people.


Whether it’s driving their ‘peak performers’, supporting their ‘up and coming stars’ or and dealing with ‘problem performers’, by highlighting examples of businesses that have envious levels of engagement and peak people performance I share proven tools and techniques to help them make that work in their business.


Busy business leaders and managers like this one! It gives them people practical and proven ideas for motivating, engaging and getting ‘buy in’ to goals, targets and values and maximising the performance of their people. The result is often them identifying what they need to do to improve their own performance too!

“We have had the pleasure of working with Andy at several of our Management conferences now. He is an enthusiastic and riveting speaker and has certainly inspired people over the years. His honest, fun, and energetic approach to keynote speaking is refreshing and engaging. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy to anyone that is looking to bring some serious energy to their event”


ParkdeanMaggie Pavlou, HR Director, Parkdean Holidays

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