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Make Innovation Work In Your Business!

Idea Light Bulb

At this practical and stimulating session participants take time out to get to grips with the principles of innovation, and vitally, work out what they mean for themselves and their business. We explore the ‘myths’ of innovation, identify the barriers to ‘making it happen’ and provide them with practical steps to improve competitiveness, performance and profits.


Our definition of innovation is ‘the successful exploitation of new ideas’ and this session explores how 3D Businesses consistently get better at what they do in the areas that count! It’s Not necessarily lots of ‘blue sky thinking’ or ‘world changing ideas’  but providing people with simple, effective processes for engaging everyone in the business to make ‘innovation’ work for them in the areas that count!


I highlight how 3D Businesses create a climate of creativity, innovation and competitiveness, how they get their people ‘on board’ and crucially how they ensure that it ‘delivers the goods’ in terms of tangible business improvements.


By sharing proven techniques and processes for making innovation work and sharing how these forward thinking businesses identify, encourage and support innovation, we help participants take a focused and pragmatic approach to improving the way they run, and vitally, improve their business or their part of the business.

“Impressed by the interaction, the fun and Andy’s ability to challenge you and make you think – memorable!”


Carolyn Ekins, PMS PMS-Diecasting 2Diecasting

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