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Forget CRM, Think MCR! Maximising Customer Relationships


Keeping your customers is getting more difficult! The evidence shows that customer expectations are getting higher, budgets are tightening, choice is increasing and customer loyalty is becoming harder and harder to win.


This session highlights how 3D Businesses forget CRM, and Think MCR!  That’s Maximising Customer Relationships.


It’s not about CRM systems that too often are simply a database with lots of names in it, but it’s proactively developing relationships that give the best to and get the best from the customers that you want.


I provide real examples of businesses that have established a passion and total customer focus at every level, how they ensure that their customer facing staff (and non customer facing staff!) give the best to, and get the best from their customers, and how as a result, they maximise their customer relationships, to create envious levels of opportunities, repeat business and referrals.


This session helps participants evaluate their approach to the way they work with their customers (both internally and externally) and gives them proven tools and techniques to help them identify and maximise opportunities. It’s certainly not ‘having a go’ at CRM, and in fact many businesses use this session to explore and develop ways that they can maximise their CRM system!


As ever, participants take away practical ideas and proven tools to seriously improve the level of service they provide, as well as developing more profitable relationships with their customers.

“Andy provided us with real insights into customer engagement and his ideas will go some way to defining our strategy going forward”


JelfAlex Alway, Group Chief Executive, Jelf Insurance

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