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Make Marketing Work!

apple and oranges2In this session we explore how winning businesses make their marketing work! By blowing away the ‘buzzwords’ and ‘myths’ of marketing, I help people ‘make their marketing work’! This is not about ‘advertising’ or ‘hype’. It’s about taking a serious look at their approach to finding, attracting and keeping customers, and identifying ways to do it better.


This session introduces the principles of modern, effective marketing in tougher markets, and vitally, helps people apply them to their business. I provide real examples of 3D Businesses who are making it happen – targeting the right customers, knowing who they are (and aren’t!), and what they want and need,

establishing  proactive business generation systems and processes to create sufficient levels of enquiries, leads, referrals and opportunities to help them meet their targets.


I often ‘challenge’ people to understand their role and evaluate their current approach, and help them identify the steps they need to take to make their marketing work in their business.


As well as helping people review their current approach to marketing and the effectiveness of both their on-line and off-line business generating activity, this session gives people proven tools and techniques to develop a much more proactive approach to making their marketing work for them

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at our conference – it was the one that was talked about all evening” You definitely goe veryone ‘doing something’!”


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