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Maximising Leadership Performance

BinocularsSuccessful leaders inspire, motivate and engage others. They recognise it’s much more than simply managing, planning and budgeting.  In this session I introduce the key characteristics that differentiate 3Leaders from the rest – and translate them into practical ideas for participants to develop and work on to maximise their own leadership potential.


I highlight how they look forward, and vitally, move forward, establish and share a clear vision, get people ‘on board’ and make things happen.  They create sufficient time to think and work ‘strategically’ and importantly, build it into the way they do business.  Winning leaders ‘challenge the status quo’! They ask questions, challenge things, ‘break the rules’, spot things going wrong and fix them. They also encourage their people to do the same and create ‘leadership at every level’ – that’s ‘empowerment’!


This session works typically well for groups of entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers and potential managers (either from the same organisation or from a wide range). As well as encouraging them to assess their own approach, I provide them with practical steps and tools that they can develop and make work back in their business to maximise their role as a leader.

“Interactive, interesting and funny. Andy’s stories reinforce the key points and made it totally relevant – I left very motivated!


B Braun 2014Karen Roberts, B Braun

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