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Winning In The 21st Century – How 3D Businesses Do It!


How do successful businesses get ahead of their competitors and stay there? What do they do that differentiates them from others?


This session brings to life in one presentation our 27 years experience researching, working with, and learning from, successful fast growth businesses. Andy shares the 7 common characteristics of 3D Businesses – the ones that are ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’ from their competitors!


No ‘magical answers’, but the 7 Characteristics that we see these businesses live and breathe in everything they do. It’s not the latest ‘fad’ or hyped ‘panacea’ for business success, nor is it a list of do’s and don’ts, but a transferable model that helps businesses get ahead, and stay ahead, of their competitors.


In this interactive, fast paced session, Andy brings these 7 Characteristics to life and gives the audience the chance to translate those lessons into their business, identify how they measure up, and work out the specific actions they need to take to make a real difference – a ‘Dramatic and Demonstrable‘ one!


# A fresh perspective on today’s fast moving competitive world

# Insights into how the best businesses are not just surviving, but thriving in it

# Real examples of what 3D Businesses do, and how they do it

# A chance to see how they measure up

# Stimulation to help them take action!

“We have worked with Andy for a number of years as a presenter and a fantastic host for our conferences, workshops and away days. Our members love to hear his engaging and practical presentations – his bubbly personality and energy is infectious and this makes his sessions both enjoyable and unique!”

Rachel McDermott, The Entrepreneurs Forum

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