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Differentiate Your Business By Thinking in 3D!

3 D Glasses from iStock 2Insights into how winning businesses stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors. It’s all about being 3D! That means being ‘Dramatically And Demonstrably Different’… that means doing things that competitors aren’t doing, or even better, can’t do!


In this session Andy highlights how 3D Businesses do that, how they make it work for them, and how they get everyone in their business ‘on board’!  He introduces the key principles of ‘3D Thinking’ and helps the audience understand and apply them to their role in their business. By providing real examples of how they do things that get customers talking about them, telling others and coming back for more,


Whether it’s helping your senior people identify what needs to happen to get your business, and keep your business, ahead of your competitors, or helping you reinforce key messages to your people about your competitive advantage, your brand and your position in the market place, Andy helps his audience identify how they can contribute to, and enhance their business’s ‘Dramatic Difference’!


# An understanding why being only ‘better than’ is just not good enough in today’s competitive world

# Insights into how the best businesses stand out from the crowd and do things that get people talking

# How they do things their competitors aren’t doing, even better can’t do!

# Real examples of what 3D Businesses do, and how they do it

# Ideas to help them get ‘Thinking in 3D‘ and make work in their business

# Stimulation to help them take action!

“It was so enjoyable as well as thought provoking. Andy had the energy, the engagement and restlessly pushed us to focus on the being Dramatically and Demonstrably Different.”

Heather MacDonald Principal, Sheffield Sheffield CollegeCollege

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