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Show Me The Money! Revolutionise Your Bottom Line!

Tom CruiseIn a world of squeezed margins, ever demanding customers, less spending, increasing competition, many businesses are finding it more difficult to maintain profit levels. Cutting prices and discounting often seems like the only option to compete in the market place. The fact is, it’s the easiest one – Anyone can give stuff away!


This session highlights how profit focused 3D Businesses recognise that there are a number of options they can take to maximise their profitability, and discounting is only one of them (and whenever possible, is often the last one!)


This pragmatic and stimulating session helps participants explore the options and possibilities for their business (or their part of the business) to restore, maintain or increase their profit margins and seriously improve their bottom line.


It’s definitely not about creative accounting, nor is it a lesson in finance – in fact, there’s very little to do with accounting. It’s about proven processes to get everyone in the business profit focused, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of what they do, maximise opportunities and take steps to revolutionise their profits.


The key ingredient of this session is the Routes To Profitability model.

By sharing real examples of how 3D Businesses do it I enable individuals to develop their own Profit Improvement Plan unique to their business (or their part of the same business).


The result is a set of key steps they can take to improve the bottom line.


It’s worth stressing that this is a very practical session and no ‘financial expertise’ is needed (which is a good job, because in our experience, lots of people don’t have it!)


It’s definitely not about spreadsheets, sophisticated ratios or financial trickery – It’s about sharing proven processes into improving profitability that anyone can use.

“Thought provoking and inspiring – Andy really challenged us and how we think about customer service”

Gary Aggregate IndustriesSuit, Aggregate Industries

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