Hello There!

Thanks for popping by! I’m sure you’re busy, so I’ll get on with it! My name is Andy Hanselman and I help businesses and their people create competitive advantage by ‘Thinking in 3D’! That means being Dramatically and Demonstrably Differentfrom their competitors!


3D Businesses stand out from the crowd! They deliver ‘remarkable’ customer experiences and get everyone in the business involved in creating customer delight! It’s about differentiation, it’s about leadership, it’s about culture and it’s about innovation!


Whether it’s a business event, company conference or team ‘away day’….



No, I haven’t been up Everest, sailed round the world or won a gold medal (and hey, hats off to those who have!) but I do have over 25 years experience researching, working with and learning from these winning 3D Businesses….. and that’s what I share.

Clients tell us they like my real insights into how winning businesses get ahead, and stay ahead of their competitors – and the fact that I share practical stuff people can actually use.

Yes, it fires people up – but it does more than that! Whether it’s your leaders, your managers, your people (or a mix of all three!) I give them the tools and techniques to actually do stuff!


We have worked with Andy for many years as a presenter and a fantastic host for our conferences, workshops and away days. Our members love to hear his engaging and practical presentations – His bubbly personality and energy is infectious and this makes his sessions both enjoyable and unique!”

Rachel McDermott, The Entrepreneurs’ Forum