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Street Food Chef’s Signs Say A Lot

Streetfood Chef signIt never fails to amaze us how many businesses think that their brand is simply their logo, their signage and their marketing materials. They spend lots of time and money on these things and think that will do! Of course, those things are important, but your ‘brand’ is much more than that!

We like the definition that your brand is what your customers say it is! It’s EVERYTHING that you do (and don’t!) and that means it’s everything that they see, hear, read and ‘feel’ about that business… and a key element of that are the signs that are on display!

Signs in and out of businesses often say a lot about the ‘culture’ of a business – they reinforce key messages to customers and staff, both good and bad (and consciously and non-consciously!)

Here’s a great example from a forward thinking business here in Sheffield called The Street Food Chef. It’s a sign that they put up in their restaurant for all to see and one that did the rounds on social media too!

We think it does a number of things…

  • It politely informs customers of what’s going on.
  • It shows they care about them.
  • It shows that they care about their staff!
  • It publicly recognises their staff
  • It makes the staff feel valued!
  • It reinforces the importance they put both on their customers and their staff!

It’s also worth pointing out that it’s about the messages that aren’t necessarily seen by customers, but are seen by staff –  Andy once accidentally worked into the staff room of a restaurant rather than the gents and saw a note on a white board next to all the weekly figures saying ‘well done guys, we really screwed those customers this week’! What message does that send to staff?

Have a look at your business – what ‘messages’ are you sending, both to your people and your customers?


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