3D Demonstrated #4:

B Braun Says “Read A Book!”

book clubB Braun is a real forward thinking global healthcare manufacturing business with it’s UK Head office here in Sheffield. At a great event we did with them and Santander Bank last year, their Chief Executive Hans Hux and his team demonstrated that they clearly believe that it’s their people that make the difference.

Among the many innovative and forward thinking approaches they take in engaging and developing their people, Learning And Development Manager Tracy Croft launched a ‘book club’! Each month, they choose (and buy) every member of the club a specific book, and ask them to read it. They then invite comments, discussions and ideas from the 100 members of the club to build on the lessons learnt from the book and explore what they mean for everyone at BBraun. (We are of course, hoping that our book Think in 3D! The 7 Characteristics Of Dramatically Different Businesses’ is on their reading list soon!)

B Braun 2014