3D Demonstrated #2:

3 Squared Say “Have A Beer!”

3Squared BeerEngaging employees, developing teamwork, building morale and improving productivity are the goals of many business leaders – they are also seen as some of the biggest challenges. How can you do it? Have a beer!

That’s one way that James Fox, Commercial Director at forward thinking software developers 3Squared does it! He and his team get together every Thursday afternoon at 4 o’clock for Beer Knowledge Thursdays! They stop work, crack open the beers and share ideas, successes, problems and news! Everyone has to contribute to the sessions and get involved and James believes it’s a great way of keeping people updated and involved.

It’s just one of the innovative things that Sheffield based 3Squared does to support a culture that creates real competitive advantage. These include:

  • Offering £1,200 of training for every employee every year
  • Flexible working hours
  • A games room (and table football!)
  • Staff members having their birthday off as holiday
  • Plus lots of other things, including a free iPad!

You can see here how 3Squared are a great example of Building systems and processes to support the culture that you want (3D Characteristic #5 Create An UBER Culture!) and it’s certainly winning as the business goes from strength to strength. As James says

People and culture make 3Squared a great place to work. We employ some of the brightest and best in the business and value every person for their efforts and achievements Our culture is about inclusion, collaboration, high performance and opportunity”

Cheers James, we’ll certainly drink to that!

3 Squared

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