3D Demonstrated #12

Life’s A Picnic At Steel City!

When Steel City moved into their new offices in Sheffield City Centre, they wanted something a bit different!

So rather than a ‘traditional’ flooring they went for astro turf! It was deliberately chosen to help reflect and reinforce their culture of being creative and different from their competitors.

That’s all very well, but how could they demonstrate this ‘difference’ to their clients? Well, they invited them in for a picnic and enjoyed sandwiches and cakes on ‘the grass’!

Out came the deck chairs and the sandwiches for a Teddy Bear’s picnic for clients and staff in aid of its favourite charity Sheffield Children’s Hospital, for whom they have raised £3,000 for since 2014.

It worked so well and there was some brilliant feedback from visitors, so they didn’t stop there! Their next step was to use the office yard as a cinema! Cue pizzas, cocktails and a big screen from Village Green Screen Events and 50 clients, staff and friends enjoying  Billy Elliot – a truly memorable evening that reinforced team working, engaged clients and ‘Demonstrated’ the ‘Steel City Difference’!

As MD James Biggin says “Basically, it’s about looking at what you have how you can use to reinforce your culture and create the atmosphere you want. We’re not afraid to being creative and different – That’s the Steel City team in a nutshell”

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