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‘Delight’ Your Suppliers – That’s (PJ) Tasty!

A great way to make your customers feel valued and tell others about you is to give them something a ‘bit extra’! But you don’t have to limit it to your customers! Here’s a nice example from the providers of delicious locally sourced food (including the famous Sheffield Egg!) PJ Taste.

As a business they always aim to give their visitors and the customers they visit, a sample of a fresh food or drink item they have recently made. So, for example, when they meet wedding couples getting ready for their ‘big day’, they give them free tastings and extra little gifts and samples to take home with them as part of the experience.

But it’s not just customers….. They also do it for their suppliers and contractors too! A recent rep visiting was sent home with some fresh Membrillo paste to take home for her husband and son. As Peter Mowlem (the ‘P’ in PJ!) explains “It makes people feel valued and is always a good conversation starter. She’s already been back saying  how her son preferred it to the commercial fruit winders”

Another example is the plumber who when he was on site was talking about problems he was having digesting commercial bread – he was sent home with 2 delicious sourdough loaves!

‘Delighting’ your suppliers is a great simple way of creating ‘raving fans’ who aren’t just your customers.

How would your suppliers react?

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